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Nakashima Patant Attorneys is specialized in the technical fields of chemistry, materials, food, cosmetics, biochemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

Personal History of Attorney

Kazuaki NASKASHIMA is a Japan registered patent attorney (Reg. No. 13926, April 2005). After working at 15 years at a research institute of Fukuoka prefectural government as a researcher of chemistry, he entered the intellectual property business. In his career as a researcher, he participated the national research project of supramolecular- and nanochemistry directed by Dr. Seiji Shinkai for 6 years. He was also involved in the technical- and patent management and the technology transfer of the public research institute.

1964: Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
1987: B. Sc. of chemistry, Kyushu University
1989: M. Sc. of chemistry, Kyushu University
1989 to 2005: Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center (a research institute of local government)
(1991 to 1994: Chemirecognics Project, ERATO, JST)
(1997 to 2000: Chemotransfiguration Project, ICORP, JST)
2005 to 2006: Yamaguchi TLO Co. Ltd. (a technology licensing organization of the university)
2006 to 2007: Associate of a patent firm in Kitakyushu
2007 to 2013: Nakashima Patent Attorney
2013 to 2014: Associate of Ashida & Kimura Japanese Patent Attorney
2015 to present: Nakashima Patent Attorneys


Nakashima Patent Attorneys
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